Wine. Travel. Cupcakes.

I’m sipping red wine. Cab Sauv to be exact. Secret, I don’t drink red wine. Insert comment: Never deny red wine during a wine tasting though. I have this phobia of my teeth becoming stained…I know, I know. I’ll stop.
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Last week I traveled to Denver, CO. I’m sure of it that without question I left my heart there. The place was stunning. Everything I wanted to do and see, happened. I was completely in awe at how nice the people were. The laid back lifestyle is exactly what I am all about. Did I mention that it is basically the beer capitol of the USA? You could say I tasted my fair share of local as well as non local beers. How could I not? My liver just loves me, I know.


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I must tell you I was beyond excited for my trip to Denver except I had to get one major thing out of the way first the day before leaving. I spent all week working on an event for a precious little girl. Celebrating a first birthday is a milestone in my book. Granted as a one year old you really have NO idea what is happening, it’s more of a party for the adults in attendance. The gramps and grams that get to pinch your cheeks and admire how cute you are while you just look at them like they are beyond crazy. I mean I think that is what happens. It’s what I observe at least.



When asked to do this event, I immediately said YES. When I was told it was a peacock theme, I got even more excited. The ideas began spinning in my lil’ blonde haired head.

On the menu was a Pink Champagne Cake with Raspberry Buttercream Filling. Nutella filled Chocolate Cupcakes. Oreo Ball Bites.

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And thus I created what I thought was a super elegant, fun and adorable first birthday party treat.


Traveling + Cupcakes. Two of my most favorite things in life. OH and now Voodoo Doughnuts…



Classically Chic Bridal Shower

It is currently 12:52 AM as I write this sentence. I most likely won’t be falling asleep, let me rephrase that, attempting to fall asleep for at least another hour. Yes, YouTube is my essential go to tonight to snatch up some quality time admiring my favorite boy band…no shame, never…to pass by the time. Time to not think about work in the kitchen. Time to not think about the amount of Ravioli’s I’ve got to make tomorrow. Time to not think about if I shall workout or consider the 10 + plus hours on my feet in the kitchen my workout. Stop me!

So this is the part where I am filling you in on what I did this past weekend. A lovely bridal shower for two very sweet people. Things like this actually put me at ease and in my natural element.

Scroll on down to see just a glimpse of the things that I created. THANKS to my wonderful mother for help with collecting ingredients, flowers and more.

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To all the people up in the world at the moment, HI. Stay tuned for more pictures, recipes & stories!

Back to my regular “scheduled” programing tonight. (5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction) videos…yes. yes. yes.



VEGAN Avocado Chocolate Mousse

The scene is something like an underground Union Station. Hipsters. Wannabe entrepreneurs. Sweat pants & headphones galore. Twenty plus folks standing in line for that perfect afternoon pick-me up we like to refer to as coffee. Laptops & books of which I can not comprehend, opened as if one were to be studying those words or whatever it may be. And here I sit, looking like I just came off of a jet plane from NYC…hardly fitting in except for the fact that I got this whole lap top thing going on. Who knew that I would miss college SO much?! Today, is treating me oh so well as I wait patiently for my sister, sipping on a Peanut Butter Protein Smoothie, admiring the ever so classy folks of Purdue University. (P.S. plaid, short skirts with sweaters and knee high socks must be the newest thing around town…#FashionPolice)


Having just finished working my butt off on a bridal shower event, I am so, so, so very thankful to have these past two days off from work to travel on down to visit my sister, clear my mind and get ready for what is in store next. I have been experimenting in the kitchen, loading up my brain with new ideas, working on side projects to conduct & thinking about what really makes me happy.


This recipe is one of my latest creations. Did some research, tested it out and literally could not believe how amazing it was! For those of you who don’t know, I am not a huge fan of chocolate. I love to cook with it because it goes so well with a ton of things BUT it is something that I, personally, could go without eating. Carob Powder is Vegan friendly, similar to chocolate, caffeine free & most importantly can be substituted just like Cocoa Powder in any recipe. Whole Foods sells it or quite possibly your local health store.



1 Avocado
1/4 Cup of Carob Powder
1/4 Cup of Almond Milk
1/4 Cup of Agave Nectar
1 Tsp of Vanilla Extract

Cut the avocado in half and remove the seed. Scrape out the insides. Place all ingredients into a food processor. Pulse five times then put onto high speed. The mixture will come together and begin to resemble a mousse. Scrape out and top with your favorite granola or simply eat by itself.


You are all probably thinking, how in the world is this good?! The avocado is so smooth that it makes the texture very mousse like. The agave acts as a natural sweetener taking away from the bitterness of the Carob Powder. PLEASE try this. I, one of the only girls in the world who would rather not eat chocolate, would consider eating this more than once a week…

So here I shall continue to sit, patiently waiting for my sister, admiring the lovely folks. Their impeccable style. Their (amazing) stories of this past weekends house parties. Whose boyfriend is being “the best boyfriend ever” at the moment…please, maybe I really don’t miss college THAT much but this, this ladies and gents is a fantastic event for me to witness at the moment.

Wishing you ALL a fabulously British day!