Used Obsessions

An idea or feeling that completely occupies the mind. That would be the definition of an obsession. We all have them, no denying it. Whether it’s yo-yo’s, legos, candles, shoes (Becca), glasses, or in my case…cookbooks! Who would have ever guessed that a culinary student would have a love for cookbooks? My dad thinks I am on my way to starting my own libray soon and frankly, I am quite okay with it.

So since I really would like ALOT of cookbooks I have decided that I need to start limiting myself. And by limiting I don’t mean not buying them. That would just be nonsense. Limiting to me would be the amount I purchase per month or how I am purchasing them.

I have been a huge fan of for a while now. Always finding great deals on there. Never hit me that duh, why am I not buying used cookbooks? The prices are literally almost nothing compared to the full price. Let me explain. I recently bought three, yes three, used cookbooks for a total of $13.00. I was a little sceptacle at first as to exactly what I would be getting. But let me tell you, they look brand new. And sadly the shipping is most of the $13. The books themselves cost pennies. No joke.

Image The fact that they are from Britian also made me love them. (Also another one of my obsessions.)

So lesson learned here, there are so many deals out there. Yes, I know we all want the latest this and the latest that. But if you wait just a bit you can always find the item for a cheaper price. Always check out Amazon, especially for books, for a cheaper price. Even the new books are cheaper than the listed price. You’d be suprised what you can find.

Here’s to not giving up on your obsession.



Used Obsessions

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