Best Baked Apples

Suprising the fam with a trip back home only to find out no one was home at 9:00 at night on Friday, I began to rethink my trip. The next two days to follow quickly changed my mind. Family, food and experiences filled Saturday and Sunday. Spending the day in Chicago with Top Chefs learning about their background, their input on the restaurant industry and some great food, I didn’t think the weekend could get better.

Danny Grant, voted “Best New Chef 2012” by Food & Wine

Sunday morning rolled around with a trip to only the best discovery I have ever made basically, Garwood Orchards. Offering everything from peppers to raspberries to eggplant and apples galore. A gold mine in the middle of a corn field basically.

A hearty 68 pounds of apples later, aching shoulders for dad  and we definietly needed to leave the place asap. All I could think about on the way home was, “What am I going to do with this many apples?” There is really only so many pies one should make or eat for that matter in a year. And so I came up with this, Baked Apples. Now I know many of you have probably had one before and have your own version but this recipe is worth a stab at. I think what makes this recipe even better, well for today at least, is the fact that we picked them this morning and served them tonight. Talk about a fresh, not even day old piece of fruit!


8 Apples

2 1/2 cups of Oatmeal



Pumpkin Pie Spice



Brown Sugar

1 stick Butter

3 Cinnamon Sticks

Apple Juice

Lemon Juice

Core the apples and cut part of the top of the apple off, to allow for granola to be added. Brush with lemon juice to prevent apples from browning. The cut off tops of the apples place in the pan for cooking. Melt butter and mix the rest of ingredients together. The addition of the spices and raisins is really up to you on taste. Add a mixture of whatever add ins you want to satisfy. Place apples in deep pan, I used a 9 inch cast iron. Fill apples with granola. Fill pan with apple juice half way up the apples. Add in cinnamon sticks and bake in 350 degree oven/grill until apples are tender and granola is crispy.

Don’t even think about taking one bite and walking away. Trust me, one bite and before you know it you will wonder where the whole apple went 😉




Best Baked Apples

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