One to Remember

I want this to be elegant & classy.” Words straight out of my fathers mouth roughly 3 weeks ago addressing an upcoming SURPRISE party to be thrown for my “grandparents 55th Anniversary”. (You’ll understand the “” marks as you read further on, trust me.) I was so excited to plan this from the tablescape, to the food, even down to the moment when they would walk in the door. I thrive on these kind of things. Stressful yet such a rush as well. I prepared so well for this event I could honestly write a small book as to what went into it. Which is why I am sparing you the long story and jumping right to the gun.

I see my grandma and grandpa pull in the drive and begin to panic just a bit because there is only TEN people out of fiftyish at the house. I’m pacing across the house, looking for the camera, ready to capture their reaction as I get into position. Out of the corner of my eye I see an invitation on the counter. Quickly I glance over and see that it is a picture of me and the words “Graduate” as well. I am trying to process as to why my high school grad invite is out. I suddenly realize no one is saying a word and all eyes are on me. I glance back down at the invite, look at the date, realize it was that day’s date and that the party was for my recent college graduation… whaaaa?!

I planned this party. I spent hours prepping. Cooking. Cleaning. Stressing & planning this perfect event. I am still trying to figure out how I had no idea all along. Who can say that they planned their own surprise party. Yup, me. Checking that off the list.

The night was great and so perfect. I am so blessed and thankful beyond what actions or words can describe. To have such a great support system, whether I have known them for a year or twenty really doesn’t get much better. All night I heard talk of how proud everyone was of me, how far I have come and how excited everyone was to see what the future holds for me. I have never honestly been so happy in my life as I was last night. What was really rewarding for me though was hearing and seeing that everyone was enjoying themeselves, the food and each others company.

I have always said all I want to do in life is make people happy through my passion for cooking. I believe last night was the start to many great things. “I gotta keep myself in check sometimes. Cuz I tend to dream real big sometimes. The fancy outfits and the sparkly awards. My name in lights and people lined up at the door. But I gotta remember to take it one step at a time” Sung by Tori Kelly yet very relatable.

Thank you to everyone who attended the “Surprise Event” and for all of those who have stood by me since day one. I honestly could not be where I am today if it wasn’t for all of you wonderful people.


P.S. Taste-testers always wanted!

One to Remember

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