If we were…

If we were sharing a cup of fresh, hot coffee on a sunny day or any day in particular for that matter, I would tell you that I have had peanut/almond butter everyday for the past year and I have yet to have even a look at it this past week. I would tell you that I have made homemade bread just about every week since I have been back home (…since January). I have fallen in love with the art & science of bread making.


I would tell you that I dream of living in San Francisco on a daily basis. The food, the people, the art, the water, the atmosphere, the fashion it all intrigues me like no other. I would tell you that I have already planned my dream wedding from the color of the flowers down to the honeymoon destination. Who’s the lucky man you ask? Ehh well the story is untold to me as well. This would lead me into telling you that I am so focused on my career (and myself) that I tend to not even think about that whole situation at times. Which would most likely lead you to ask me loads of question pertaining such a thing, in which I might answer if I am feeling social enough that day.


I would tell you that I am starting to love my job more and more everyday. The people, the stories & of course the food make me feel complete in a way more than one can understand. While I may forget to breath at times when I have twenty orders on the boards, packing my knife kit up at the end of the shift with the reassurance that someone had a relaxing meal shared with good conversation makes my job seem kind of like the best thing ever, next to waffles that is. Speaking of waffles, I would also tell you that I have an unhealthy obsession with waffles. Sunday’s, I indulged in the best, homemade waffles one can possibly think of. Add a (pool) of maple syrup & a rather large cup of coffe and my day is made. Simple as that.


I would also tell you that I have many more so called secrets that one might be able to find out if we were to share another cup of coffee. In which you would most likely find out that I could talk about food, recipes & cookbooks for hours.

She is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future. Proverbs 31:25.


If we were…

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