Tartine Bakery, Croissants

Anyone ever find themeselves in the kitchen with the intention to make one thing and then all of a sudden it is roughly 5 hours later and you are still in the kitchen, covered in flour, wondering how you somehow have managed to drink a whole pot of coffee, baked 3 dozen cookies, a quiche & bread? Please tell me there are others out there just like me in this situation? This is pretty much exactly what happened the other day. And various other days for that matter as well.


I find that I am fairly patient when it comes to anything that deals with food. Example, I started growing an avocado tree which will not produce, fingers crossed, any fruit for roughly 2-4 years. Also planted some lemon seeds so I can look forward to the growth of lemon sprouts in hopes of having a plant that will smell of fresh lemons, which also takes just about the same time as above. I have also learned that the making of croissant dough is quite simply one of the longest things one must endure in the bread business section of life. Three days spent to make something that is going to be digested in a matter of minutes. NO scratch that, seconds. Patience is a virtue, so they say.


Now I have made croissant dough, puff pastry, various times while attending school but this was my first try at home. May I remind you, usually a home kitchen is not really equipped with industrial kitchen equipment…large deck ovens, proofers, the right amount of sheet pans, etcs. This is where one gets creative and uses that powerful food brain. So I began this process just like any other recipe I was to undergo. Flipping through of the pages of the Tartine Bakery cookbook, I thought to myself, “when is this recipe going to end”?? The whole process was soothing in a way, one could say. By the time day three came around and I placed my little dough rolls of goodness into the oven to proof, I was feeling like a kid on Christmas morning. Actually, even better. (May I add in that I was watching It’s Complicated starring Meryl Streep, I dream of having a bakery/kitchen like that, feeling more inspired and confident than ever.)


The end result was pretty much one of the best things a baker can dream about. A) the house smelled amazing. B) my mother gets credit for these beauties as well considering I had to skip on out the door to work during the baking process. C) seeing my family and friends enjoy these at Easter dinner with smiles as well as nothing but words a foodie dreams to hear of their creation, topped the list.


Life has been really great lately, just as it should. Just going to throw that in there. Maybe it is the fact that technically it is spring now or the fact that the sun is shining on a regular basis or the fact that I kind of got “promoted” at work or the fact that I wake up every morning to the sounds of my sweet, sweet sister (bless her heart) singing Celine Dion or just the fact that I LOVE being happy and positive and wish others to be the same was as well. Mix that up with the art of recipe planning, creating some of the tastiest foods to date and a desire to live out my passsion, one really can not go wrong.


PS make sure to check out http://www.tartinebakery.com for information on where you can get some of their wonderful breads, pastries or order the cookbook! AND The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Neither will dissapoint.

Tartine Bakery, Croissants

3 thoughts on “Tartine Bakery, Croissants

  1. I’m with you! Somehow I manage to get lost for hours in my own kitchen, but there are usually some pretty tasty results. I’ve never had the courage to try croissants before, but yours look amazing. Completely professional and Parisian!

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