Healthy Green Smoothie

Here I sit. Blinding sunny morning out there. No one is home, usual. The new Summer Set album is on repeat. To my left I’ve got a Coco Cafe, my current addiction. To my right I’ve got an empty, no stem wine glass that once contained what you can call breakfast. I’d like to thank my Dad for his collection of stem ware and glasses allowing me to switch up my choice in breakfast glasses each morning. A girl has got to have options even if it is just for her daily smoothie.

So, lately I feel as if I have been making and posting for that matter nothing but sweet treats. I mean there really is nothing wrong with that, Ive got the best taste testers around, but some of you make think that that is like all I do…wouldn’t that be a dream? Lounging pool side tasting freshly baked cupcakes…dream on Nessa, dream on. I have scaled my baking experiments down lately preferring to educate my self more about a certain recipe before taking it on full throttle. Although when it comes to my daily smoothie, things tend to be different. This is not something that is ever really planned, as to what is going in, or measured really for that matter. Out of Coconut Milk you say, throw in some Almond Milk. It all taste the same in the end for pete’s sake.


My mother cringes at the sight of me drinking a green liquid that resemebles something all too unpleasant each morning. I mean this drink is not exactly attractive but neither is my sister’s morning look but I’m not complaining. Lately I have been trying to keep it consistent as far as ingredients and measurements go simply because I think I have developed a rather scrumptious smoothie and my taste buds have fell absolutely in love.


This smoothie is loaded with SO many nutritous values it makes up for all of those baked goods. Phewwww. Spinach, first of all, is one of those food wonders. It is packed full of fiber, contains vitamin A which helps to reduce/prevent wrinkles (halleuigh) amongst many other things. Almond Butter is basically one of the best. things. ever. Look for one that contains just almonds, Trader Joes has a great selection and sports the cheapest price around. Added sugar and oil lowers the health benefits of such an amazing product. Flaxseed provides fiber and omega-3 fats. Heart healthy winner in my book! Bob’s Red Mill is my favorite, look for the Organic 100% Whole Ground one. Something that I have been wanting to purchase but have NOT until last week is Acai powder. As Guliana Rancic would say, Amazeballs! It is known as an antioxidant superfood boosting energy and supporting the immune system greatly. It can be kind of pricey, I purchased mine from if you would like to do so as well.

1 banana
1 handful spinach
2 tbls flaxseed
2 tbls almond butter
1/4 cup raisins
1 scoop acai powder
3/4 Almond Coconut Milk

Empty all into blender and blend baby blend!

You can substitute any ingredients you would like that are similar. I have found that these ingredients work for me and leave me feeling really full until the early afternoon hours. The measurements are not exact considering I do not meausre per se. Everyone owns a blender, treat yourself to a great tasting, healthy smoothie tomorrow morning and I promise you will soon be hooked!

Did I mention it is vegetarian as well as vegan?!

Don’t forget to check out to find out more about and where you can purchase my favorite COCONUT WATER ESPRESSO

Have a great day my lovely lads 🙂

Healthy Green Smoothie

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