Nature Talk

Oiy Vey! It has been quite some time. With the warming weather comes more sunshine and I find myself being outside gradening like a granny more and more. I mean, I am 23 years young and rather obssessed, I’d like to think, with gardening. Come to think of it just a few years a ago I absolutely hated working outside. I think it is due to the fact that it was our chore growing up to mow the grass or pick up the dog poop. Somehow, I mean really, I didn’t find it fun in any way. Who wants to pretend that it is fun to have gloves on yet somehow manage to still get those pickey weeds through to your fingers. Ouch!

Well quickly I have realized that being outside is my own little escape. I spend so much time in the kitchen and indoors. Whether it is prepping a sink full of veggies just pulled from the garden or making a batch of demanded, incredible chocolate coffee cookies for the work boys to who knows what, I always find myself in the kitchen. Being able to get outside and just listen to the birds, see the apple trees in bloom, the sweet sounds of the neighboorhood littles playing, it all makes me love life even more. Connecting with nature is such a wonderful thing I have realized. I tend to get lost in it and completly forget about the list of 21342 other things I have to do.

So today I have no recipe. I have no food to talk about but rather just some pictures that I make me happy that I think will do the same for you. I have discovered some places over the past few weeks, I am completly in love. We often forget to stop and stare and just admire how beautiful this world really is.

Challenge this week for everyone…go on a walk, sit outside, do something new around nature and just stop and really stare and realize how great life is. Trust me it will not only make yourself feel better but you’ll be wanting to spread the love to everyone you know!

And now, if you must know, I am off to plant my garden. With more veggies and flowers than ever before I am just crossing my little fingers that everything will fit and grow Martha Stewart style…yes I really dream about that 🙂


Nature Talk

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