Here’s to TWO years!

Hiiiiii 🙂


Now let me pose you this question right here, how weird/awesome is it that I have not logged on for over a month and I sign in today and it tells me it is my TWO YEAR anniversary of blogging?! Even though I have not been a regular blogger, I absolutely love this little space. Chatting about nonsense food things, I usually have to stop myself before I get really out of hand and end up writing a small book. Which I would be okay with happening one day…just you wait.


So lately life has been well, life. The kitchen life is like drinking far too many cups of coffee in a matter of hours. Really, really good at first and then it hits you, hard. You are on a roll and then a sudden rush of panic creeps up on you. Your heart starts to skip a few beats, you begin to focus yet find yourself wandering in different directions. Shutting off the rest of the world and going into this state of mind thinking “It’s too early for this to be happening”. Or sometimes you go off into la-la land and begin to question why a certain guest would ever wear that outfit to the restaurant or as to why those two are a couple… yah it happens. This would be when the tickets are coming in at once and you’ve got a full board for what seems an eternity. You look up at the clock seeing that it is 9:30 at night and really thinking to yourself it was just 7:00, you’ll gladly take that. You start to come back to normal, so you would like to think. Catch a breath. Take another sip of “coffee” and think to yourself, hmmm that really wasn’t that bad, I actually enjoyed that. Time to do it all again tomorrow. And the next day and the next…

I’ve got to say this, as much as I love being in the kitchen sometimes, actually a lot of the time, I just wish I could work in the fashion industry. I love it. Styling. The colors. The shoes. The sweaters, ahhhh fall fashion is on my mind. I mean we all know how lovely and breathtaking the fashion of the culinary industry is…as in it takes your breath away from being far from glamorous. I look forward to days off, wearing normal clothes and getting dressed up even if it is just to go to the grocery store. Hey, if I just happen to run into some lovely British lad by chance, you best believe I will be looking my best. A girl can dream.


This summer has been filled with more “foodie” moments than previous. Fall is approaching, quickly, I’m happy, and baking season is going to be in full swing. I. Can’t. Wait. Until then, I shall day dream the day away of living in the English countryside in a cozy brick stone house with a vintage chic feel, a luscious green garden full of hydrangeas, roses, herbs, box woods bushes and more…


P.S. Happy 2nd Birthday to me! (maybe I’ll buy that Kate Spade purse now)

Here’s to TWO years!

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