The Untold (short) Story

Get in your car. Drive a route that should take ten minutes. Realize it is prime time dinner hours. Takes fifteen minutes. Your brakes are surely getting a workout today. Stomach is making noises comparable to the roar of a lion. Finally to your destination. Open the door to the memorable smell you crave far too often. Hand over the twenty some dollars to support your hungry belly and “healthy” American appetite. Scurry to your car. Pedal to the metal all the way home. The smell occupying your car is heavenly, you begin to have thoughts of feeding yourself right then and there. Must wait till you can fully enjoy you decide. Pull into the driveway, swing open the house door, throw down keys, pour a glass of high pulp orange juice and get out your favorite plate. Open box. Stare at the beauty. Now is the time. The Spinach and Cheese Pizza is all yours… from first bit to the last, it is all so so good.

I’m a lady who loves to eat. Loves to have a good time. Loves to relish the moment. Always finding that food is a perfect way to bring people together. Around a table. Indoors. Outdoors. No matter the setting or time, food is always something people will have in common.

Today, and everyday, thankful to have discovered my passion so early on. Food. Every shape and form of it. Start to finish, I can never get enough. Lucky enough to be able to enjoy it all with some pretty swell pals along the way makes the whole experience even better.



The Untold (short) Story

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