Avocado Egg Toast

Hi. Hi. Hi.

Just a casual day, drinking my coffee, digging into my Coconut Yogurt fruit bowl, admiring the inches, no excuse me five plus feet of snow on the ground. The sun is shining, I’ve got a full heart and am feeling happier than ever lately. YOU choose to be happy. It is not a thing that you simply become. Choosing to be happy, I promise you, will be the best thing you can ever do. Find that happiness corner in your life today, you won’t look back.

MilkBar Carrot Cake by V… cake makes me very happy


Having friends who support me and encourage me everyday, not only puts the biggest smile on my face but also makes me even happier knowing that I am making a positive impact on their life. I only hope to encourage people to do what they want and see that you can do what ever you want. Do what makes you happy and never look back.


Soooo who loves avocados!? Actually I should ask, who doesn’t? Literally, one of the best REAL foods out there. So versatile. Can be substituted in recipes rather sweet or savory. Besides in the obvious, guacamole, my favorite way to eat avocados is with an egg. Let me just paint a picture for you…

You have two pieces of Ezekiel Sprouted 100% Whole Grain Bread. May I add that it is flourless, major plus. Into the toaster they go, set it to the setting 7.5 we will say. Grab out the non-stick egg pan. Pop in two eggs, heat to medium. Add a little bit of salt and pepper. A bit more of the later, shake, shake, shake it. Cover with tin foil. There goes the pop of the toaster. Suddenly you are scrambling to cut the avocado. Grab the steak knife, slice that beauty open. Obviously you choose the half that doesn’t have the seed in it, even if it is the smaller one. Make those perfect little slices and scoop the deliciousness out. Evenly divide the wedges onto the slices of now warm and crispy toast. Check the eggs, perfect. Slide the eggs out, ever so gently onto the avocado. Step back and just admire the beauty. An unknowingly huge smile comes across your face. You are almost breathless because you KNOW just how good this is going to be. Get it together, V. Insert fork into yolk. Insert fork into mouth. The combination of crispy toast, avocado and the perfectly juicy center of the egg. Heart bursting joy. The hardest part, trying not to scarf it down in two minutes. Savor it, enjoy it because it is definitely the little things in life that make you happy.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And there you have it, the recipe for success. After a night of dancing, it is the perfect recovery breakfast. Heck, I would eat this anytime of the day. Of course, an iced coffee on the side is always a good accompaniment.

To many, many more REAL foods, enjoy!


Avocado Egg Toast

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