“Stolen” Summer Paradise

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Click. Step on into the darkness. Search for the light switch. Realize the removal of sunglasses might help. The smell of the air is clean but not that fresh clean scent. Note : After last night’s rush, the floors still contain tracks from the gals and boys stomping on through. A slight humming comes from the room ahead but the silence is golden. Pure bliss. No one in sight, except for that darn fly we’ve got as a “pet”. A room that holds quite a large handful of people is empty and there I stand, ready to turn that switch on to make the room come alive and ready for what the night brings. The pilots on the stove are burning, strong. The ovens cranked up to 500 degrees now. The dishwashers louder than ever. Suddenly that peace and quite changes completely. Still one person in the room although the kitchen has come to life at Valley.



Surprise packages from far away people I wished I seen more arrived today on my doorstep. Perfection. Absolute happiness. Thankssssss Ryan.


(Bek Bek enjoys a bite….after the gym)

The thought of seeing one’s favorite band at the end of the month is beyond exciting. Winning tickets to see them next year, even more exciting and completely a dream. Inside I actually have a hidden 12 year old school girl who comes out every now and then.


Spending days with a boy who creates moments that are never, ever, ever dull, over too much coffee, (intense) workout sessions, dinner dates and more…far from basic is our life when together. PS…he’s a handsome lad, whose single 😉


(Had blue hair for moment FAR too long this month)

I’ll say it again, TWENTY-FOUR you are a real winner in my book.

“Stolen” Summer Paradise

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