culinary school.

I attended The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Indianapolis. Definietly a good choice. I never wanted that “college” experience. Living in a dorm, sharing a public shower, eating from a cafeteria everyday, no thank you. I appalude those of you who do. Moving seven times while at school was hardly ideal but in the end everything was fine. Just like always.


My time in Indy was filled with  much more than just culinary experience. I met so so so many people along the way.  I mean moving seven times comes with a great deal of new roommates and new friendships. Some better than others but non the less always enjoyable. Oh and we can not forget the broken foot that lasted four months. Let me tell you taking three lab classes, in the Spring/Summer, hiking up to the second floor everyday, learning to ask for help & all the while being sain makes me feel like a warrior.


The Disney Internship came along and frankly I didn’t even know what to think of it. All I knew at the time was that I was going to be living in Disney World for three months! The place where dreams come true and I could finally meet the real life Tinkerbell. After living with five girls (one who has become my best friend of all time), working with a handful of non-Americans who happened to be the nicest/best/sweetest/hardworking people around, knowing that everyday you were being a part of something that was really big makes me wonder as to why I ever left that place. So many memories. So much happiness. So many friendships. So many opportunies and moments that one can never replace. I suggest that if anyone every gets the chance to work for Disney, please, please do.


Then it came time to walk across the stage to recieve my Culinary Arts diploma in June. What a day that was. Surrounded by my fellow collegues whom I shared many countless hours over the stove with, learning the newest trick to presenting such a dish or just plain admiring our “haute couture” attire. Please, they are the worst thing ever. I walked across the stage proudly with out a trip or fall, smiling to the many in attendance in front of me prouder than ever. Such a good feeling. Little did I know that that was not the end. Right back at it three weeks later I began my Baking & Pastry degree. This lead to competitions, new opportunites to show local chefs what I could do and many volunteer chances. Hard work really does pay off, trust me. Finally December rolled around and my second degree from AI was achieved. A weight lifted off my shoulders. A breath of fresh air. This feeling never felt so awesome/weird at the same time.



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