go to this place.

“What is your favorite place to eat?”  Typical question I, or anyone for that matter,  have gotten far too many times. Read on to see some places that I love and places that just may be suitable for that lovely person in your life.


  • Taste Cafe – The Tuna Nicoise, delicious. The Water, fruity. The Atmosphere, chill. Perfect Sunday morning spot.
  • 3 Sisters Cafe – Whole Grain Pancakes, huge & perfectly fluffy. The Service, prompt. The Place, old cozy house.
  • Traders Point Cremery – The Wine, strong & fruity. The Ice Cream, light & creamy. The Cows, smelly yet cute.
  • Mesh – The Menu, broad. The Lighting, dim & central. Recommended for pre-theatre dinner.
  • Tulip Noir – The Setting, modern schoolhouse chic. The Food, sophistacted & healthy. The Coffee, you brew it.
  • Cobblestone Grill – The Street, storybook like. The Specialty Salad, must have. The People, friendly.
  • My Sugar Pie – Two words, GO NOW.


  • The Valley – The Food, farm-table. The Scene, hip & modern. The Perks, live music nights.
  • Suzie’s Cafe – The Bread, homemade & toasty. The Food, homestyle. The People, family.
  • Paparazzi – The Flatbread, simple yet perfect. The Drinks, famously named. Say hi to John Wayne.

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