“Stolen” Summer Paradise

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep. Click. Step on into the darkness. Search for the light switch. Realize the removal of sunglasses might help. The smell of the air is clean but not that fresh clean scent. Note : After last night’s rush, the floors still contain tracks from the gals and boys stomping on through. A slight humming comes from the room ahead but the silence is golden. Pure bliss. No one in sight, except for that darn fly we’ve got as a “pet”. A room that holds quite a large handful of people is empty and there I stand, ready to turn that switch on to make the room come alive and ready for what the night brings. The pilots on the stove are burning, strong. The ovens cranked up to 500 degrees now. The dishwashers louder than ever. Suddenly that peace and quite changes completely. Still one person in the room although the kitchen has come to life at Valley.



Surprise packages from far away people I wished I seen more arrived today on my doorstep. Perfection. Absolute happiness. Thankssssss Ryan.


(Bek Bek enjoys a bite….after the gym)

The thought of seeing one’s favorite band at the end of the month is beyond exciting. Winning tickets to see them next year, even more exciting and completely a dream. Inside I actually have a hidden 12 year old school girl who comes out every now and then.


Spending days with a boy who creates moments that are never, ever, ever dull, over too much coffee, (intense) workout sessions, dinner dates and more…far from basic is our life when together. PS…he’s a handsome lad, whose single 😉


(Had blue hair for moment FAR too long this month)

I’ll say it again, TWENTY-FOUR you are a real winner in my book.

“Stolen” Summer Paradise

3 weeks ago…

As of 3 weeks ago I was moving to Denver, CO. As of 3 weeks ago I didn’t consume beer on a (daily) basis. As of 3 weeks ago I didn’t have the courage to speak up for what I actually, really wanted. As of 3 weeks ago I didn’t think I would experience the things I have experienced in these past 3 weeks.


Putting 100 percent into what I do and what I want out of life is something that has always been rather easy for me. Yes, we all have our days and our moments, it’s life. But what blows my mind is that just when you think you have something figured out, a curveball is thrown and it just happens to be the biggest thing ever to impact you. You think you prepare yourself for what is to come next. You think you prepare yourself for what you want. I fully believe and live by the statement that if I want something, I WILL make it happen. So considering that I was moving to CO 3 weeks ago to live that CO lifestyle, to be that adventurous person I have always dreamed of becoming, to be happier doing what I love…things, as you might have guessed, have changed. Just the thought of knowing that I had completed those few steps and made things happen and then all of a sudden I didn’t fully follow through with those plans made me feel like the biggest failure. But what I realized is that actually I was the complete opposite of a failure. Not accepting a higher position within my work, which will only lead me to bigger and better things (so cliché, yet so true) in the future would have been a fail on my part. I can not even begin to tell you how much happier I am, and my fellow co-workers for that matter, that leaving is out of the picture. For the time being…

All good things must come to an end. But not yet, not quite yet. This good thing that I have got going for me is truly what I want and have secretly ever wanted. It’s not until I saw that what I was about to leave is actually what I have always wanted in disguise. Funny how things work out in the end.

So these past 3 weeks I have spent in “celebration” and it is not stopping anytime soon. A celebration of a life realization that, ‘hey you DON’T have to have a plan for everything’. Yes, I literally have no idea what is going to happen next and that is the most fun. Spontaneousness. All. The. Way. Go with the flow.


Voted Best Dressed…by we, the people

Hang with people that make you happy. Be around people that make those crazy adventures, crazy. Spend nights dancing with your fav people to your own beat. (trust me, it’s awesome) Creating moments and living in the moment is what I have learned these past 3 weeks.

Not my typical post, I know, stopping this mushy gushy stuff, pronto! I’ve been so busy in the kitchen, having the time of my life traveling, learning more about people, friendships and relationships than ever these past 3 weeks…none of it will stop anytime soon. I think 24 is quickly becoming my favorite year yet.


Now back to my regular scheduled program of YouTube videos starring Harry Styles & Luke Hemmings, the dreamy-not-yet-21-year-old-boy-band-babes, it has been FAR too long. Still the same ol’ V over here!


3 weeks ago…

Wine. Travel. Cupcakes.

I’m sipping red wine. Cab Sauv to be exact. Secret, I don’t drink red wine. Insert comment: Never deny red wine during a wine tasting though. I have this phobia of my teeth becoming stained…I know, I know. I’ll stop.
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Last week I traveled to Denver, CO. I’m sure of it that without question I left my heart there. The place was stunning. Everything I wanted to do and see, happened. I was completely in awe at how nice the people were. The laid back lifestyle is exactly what I am all about. Did I mention that it is basically the beer capitol of the USA? You could say I tasted my fair share of local as well as non local beers. How could I not? My liver just loves me, I know.


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I must tell you I was beyond excited for my trip to Denver except I had to get one major thing out of the way first the day before leaving. I spent all week working on an event for a precious little girl. Celebrating a first birthday is a milestone in my book. Granted as a one year old you really have NO idea what is happening, it’s more of a party for the adults in attendance. The gramps and grams that get to pinch your cheeks and admire how cute you are while you just look at them like they are beyond crazy. I mean I think that is what happens. It’s what I observe at least.



When asked to do this event, I immediately said YES. When I was told it was a peacock theme, I got even more excited. The ideas began spinning in my lil’ blonde haired head.

On the menu was a Pink Champagne Cake with Raspberry Buttercream Filling. Nutella filled Chocolate Cupcakes. Oreo Ball Bites.

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And thus I created what I thought was a super elegant, fun and adorable first birthday party treat.


Traveling + Cupcakes. Two of my most favorite things in life. OH and now Voodoo Doughnuts…



Wine. Travel. Cupcakes.