The Trip of “First’s”

My heart was racing, hardcore. The Dramamine clearly had not kicked in yet. The people were swarming all over the place, some looking very antsy, some tuned out listening to who knows what kind of music, all the while the kids in the background threw out a “MOM! DAD!” here and there. I was boarding a big jet plane and I couldn’t have been more excited or scared at the same time. The day I had waited several terribly long months for was finally here.





Eight days in beautiful CO were absolutely the most perfect eight days I could have ever imagined. From the first moment off that plane waiting for half an hour for my lovely friend, Ryan, to a small walk up the mountains in sandals, terribly bad idea, and to the mini freak out session due to a 1% battery life all the while being SO lost I literally thought my life was over, nothing was able to put a damper on my trip.

Breakfast. Pizza. Beer. By far, the top three things consumed. Not mad about any of my food decisions. My trainer, probably has other thoughts…sorry, not sorry.








People in CO are genuinely rather happy. (I feel that the obvious probably doesn’t have to be stated) Everywhere you go people are active, out to grab a drink or a bite with friends and the conversations are nothing like the boring old news you hear on the radio. People say “Hiiiii, have a nice run” to you as you are running on down the neighborhood street looking far from your best. The Colorado flag is flown with pride, everywhere. People are there because they want to be there.





I can’t even begin to tell one how many new things I did on this trip. Being on my own during the day I had many hours to explore, talk to people but most of all I was able to enjoy brunch. I could eat brunch food ALL DAY LONG (and pizza…I’ve got a fully belly of it as I type. Whoops.).

The major day of “first’s” happened Saturday. Beginning bright and early, Ryan and I hit the road at 7:30. Two dozen donuts. Iced Coffee. Beer. Gatorade. Water. Protein Bars. The essentials, obviously. First stop, Boulder to tailgate. First time doing so. We just happened to demolish the rest of the clan in beer pong despite the fact that it was so early. Amazing. Next stop, New Belgium Brewery up in Fort Collins. This is basically all I ever wanted to do when planning this trip, really. 90 minute tour and a tasting session. Gahhhh, I could go on all day about it. Best part, besides the slide ride at the end, was the 15 min old Fat Tire that I tasted. I was in heaven. On the road again we went. By this point we are a wee bit exhausted given that it is now mid afternoon. Next stop, the Color Run back in Denver. Not exactly our brightest moment to attend this event, yet so much fun it was. We hated ourselves at the end. Let me rephrase that, our bodies hated us. It was the most perfect day in the whole entire world in the end.









Traveling to Denver twice in the last five months has made me one happy gal. I could go on and on and on about how much this trip meant to me. But I’ll spare you all my excitement, happiness and love for Denver, the people, the food, the hot spots, its beauty and so much more. One day I will call it home, very soon.


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The Trip of “First’s”

The Untold (short) Story

Get in your car. Drive a route that should take ten minutes. Realize it is prime time dinner hours. Takes fifteen minutes. Your brakes are surely getting a workout today. Stomach is making noises comparable to the roar of a lion. Finally to your destination. Open the door to the memorable smell you crave far too often. Hand over the twenty some dollars to support your hungry belly and “healthy” American appetite. Scurry to your car. Pedal to the metal all the way home. The smell occupying your car is heavenly, you begin to have thoughts of feeding yourself right then and there. Must wait till you can fully enjoy you decide. Pull into the driveway, swing open the house door, throw down keys, pour a glass of high pulp orange juice and get out your favorite plate. Open box. Stare at the beauty. Now is the time. The Spinach and Cheese Pizza is all yours… from first bit to the last, it is all so so good.

I’m a lady who loves to eat. Loves to have a good time. Loves to relish the moment. Always finding that food is a perfect way to bring people together. Around a table. Indoors. Outdoors. No matter the setting or time, food is always something people will have in common.

Today, and everyday, thankful to have discovered my passion so early on. Food. Every shape and form of it. Start to finish, I can never get enough. Lucky enough to be able to enjoy it all with some pretty swell pals along the way makes the whole experience even better.



The Untold (short) Story